Complete genome sequence of Staphylothermus hellenicus P8T

Iain J. Anderson, Reinhard Wirth, Susan Lucas, Alex Copeland, Alla Lapidus, Jan-Fang Cheng, Lynne Goodwin, Sam Pitluck, Karen Davenport, John C. Detter, Cliff Han, Roxanne Tapia, Miriam Land, Loren Hauser, Amrita Pati, Natalia Mikhailova, Tanja Woyke, Hans-Peter Klenk, Nikos C. Kyrpides, Natalia Ivanova


Staphylothermus hellenicus belongs to the order Desulfurococcales within the archaeal phylum Crenarchaeota. Strain P8T is the type strain of the species and was isolated from a shallow hydrothermal vent system at Palaeochori Bay, Milos, Greece. It is a hyperthermophilic, anaerobic heterotroph. Here we describe the features of this organism together with the complete genome sequence and annotation. The 1,580,347 bp genome with its 1,668 protein-coding and 48 RNA genes was sequenced as part of a DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) Laboratory Sequencing Program (LSP) project.



Archaea; Crenarchaeota; Desulfurococcaceae; hyperthermophile; hydrothermal vent; anaerobe

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